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Together Rakesh and Pratik founded AgeTak with a vision to bring technology solutions to solve problems in the healthcare industry.

We asked ourselves why aren't researchers using data being collected already on 254M Americans who receive healthcare to improve human health and reduce the $2.6T a year healthcare spending?

It's because this data is spread out over many different organizations and there are concerns about privacy when you combine it to create Big Data for healthcare.

An IIT, Mumbai trained technocrat Rakesh designed secure data exchange serving 48 applications with 400 data sources and 17,000 geographically dispersed users for Bechtel, an $8B EPC company. As a Stanford University PhD and University of Minnesota BS trained chem-informatics researcher, Pratik was frustrated a lot by the amount of effort it takes to gather data before you can analyze it. Rakesh and Pratik shared the vision of a cross-border middleware technology to serve the unique data integration and privacy needs of healthcare organizations.

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